Discovering Value in Outsourcing Facilities Management

Dec 22

12/22/2011 2:29 PM  RssIcon

Written by Timothy Maechling and Jeffrey Bredeson
An organization can realize immediate benefits from outsourcing Facilities Management to the experts.  More importantly, it allows employees to focus on what is important-- the business.  "When you set up an outsourcing relationship, indirect benefits begin to accrue. These show up as overhead reductions and increased productivity, and make the company more efficient." 
 "While large companies may outsource to gain economies of scale, consolidate the supplier base, and leverage suppliers across global operations, smaller companies focus more on gaining access to world-class technologies and expertise they otherwise could not afford. Here is some basic advice for smaller firms looking to outsource."
"The benefits of facilities management outsourcing are enhanced by long-term relationships. You will get the benefits of a stable supplier work force, lower procurement costs, and supplier commitment. Of course, a long-term relationship depends on the supplier's willingness to adjust service levels and scope to support the client’s changing business environment. Treat the service provider not as an outsider but as an integral part of the business, able to add long-term value and provide a competitive advantage."

Full text can be read at: Discovering Value in Outsourcing Facilities Management

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