Defining the Value of "Relationship" when Selecting a Real Estate Consultant

Dec 22

12/22/2011 2:32 PM  RssIcon

 Submitted by D. Saperstone
The real estate axiom  “location, location, location” is hard to deny.   A property’s location is often the prime driver of rents, assuming the property has been well cared for and managed. However, it’s absolutely imperative that a bond of trust develop between the owner/investor and the property manager/consultant. There are well established industry mathematical formulas that assist in valuing properties and measuring results. But, spreadsheets are visual tools and cannot begin to manage or measure the human interactive elements associated with successful real estate investing. For the real estate professionals at The Cabot Group, we’ve built our business model on the value we bring to the table as trusted advisors and confidants to our clients. Developing a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with our clients incorporates most of the key elements in our mission statement: 
Trust, Integrity, Accessibility/Responsiveness, Cooperative Spirit, Putting the interests of clients before our own
If, as many serious investors claim, real estate is the consummate long term investment play, then it naturally follows that a well developed, long term relationship with a full service real estate organization enhances monetary returns and provides a significant measure of security. Trust, integrity, responsiveness, cooperation and client first are all qualities that have to grow and develop over time.  And, over time, these most important components of a productive business relationship mature into confidence, respect and mutual success—the value added ingredients that have made us successful. For many in the real estate sector, value will always be influenced primarily by “location, location, location.” For The Cabot Group, our definition of value will always include “relationship, relationship, and relationship.”

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