Seasonal Maintenance Checklist

Dec 3

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Submitted by P. Barry
For many, the winter months are filled with holiday cheer. For facilities managers, the winter months are filled with challenges.

Maintaining the condition of the property under the most adverse conditions requires hard work, attention to detail, and a little luck. Take a look at the list below to see if you’ve covered some of the essential preventative maintenance tasks necessary to keep your property in top shape for seasons to come:

  •   Patch Parking Lot Cracks -Patching cracks before winter strikes prevents water from seeping in and freezing, thereby expanding and worsening the blacktop’s condition.
  •   Pitch Landscaping away from Building Foundation -When the snow melts in the spring, it can drain toward the foundation causing structural damage; sloping the terrain adjacent to the building will lead water away.
  •   Check your Gutters -Ensuring that your gutters are strong and clear will allow water to properly drain come warmer weather.
  •   Stockpile Ice Melt -There are certain things that need to be stocked in advanced. Ice melt is one of them. Make sure that there is always more than enough on hand.
  •   Store Outdoor Furniture -Leaving outdoor furniture exposed to the elements over the winter doesn’t only look bad, it destroys the furniture.
  •   Rake Leaves -Leaves and other debris can ruin large tracks of grass if left unattended over the winter.
  •   Inspect HVAC Systems -After a lull in usage over the warmer months, HVAC systems will be on almost perpetually during the winter. Assure that they’re in optimal working order before they’re needed.
  •   Trim Dead Branches -Snow and ice buildup can break weak branches, which can damage your building.
  •   Check for Insulation Leaks -An infrared scanner can identify costly thermal leaks.

 With proper seasonal planning and preparation, maintaining the condition of your facility is manageable and can add a great deal of value to your real estate. 

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