Facilities Management - Reduce Time and Cost Expenditure Using a Network

Jan 14

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Contracting out facilities management to an experienced firm not only alleviates the headache of day to day maintenance, it also bolsters the bottom line. One way THE CABOT GROUP delivers value to our clients is through the use of improved logistics.

Property maintenance is an ongoing effort; servicing is needed perpetually and also over irregular intervals. A portfolio spread across town, then, requires an immense amount of time-consuming travel; from HQ to property A to HQ to property B, etc. This translates to high mileage costs and time on the clock utilized to no productive end.

We at THE CABOT GROUP have not only recognized this waste, but have come to resolve it into increased efficiency and lowered operational costs. Instead of the industry standard singular ‘HQ’, we have installed a network of maintenance access points throughout our property portfolios. The negligible cost incurred in implementing such a systemic grid is returned several times over as hundreds of expensive hours and thousands of miles are eliminated each year.

At THE CABOT GROUP we not only manage your real estate, operations and finances to the highest standards, we run properties more intelligently so our clients are truly able to maximize the value of their real estate interests. 

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